Pharmacy POS software

Types of Automation for Pharmacies

Pharmacies provide patients with vital medications and services, which is why accuracy is highly important. Automation is one of the ways pharmacy owners can reduce errors and keep patients satisfied, and there are several ways to automate your business.

Counting Scales

A counting scale is a simple counting machine that weighs how much of a specific medication is inside a pill bottle, allowing for accurate dispensation of medication. The tech will tare the scale with the pill bottle and then add the appropriate prescription quantity. The scale will take the weight as each pill is added to the bottle, reducing the risk of errors when filling prescriptions for patients.

POS Systems

A POS system, or a point of sale system, is a system used to track sales in a business. Each time a customer purchases something, a point of sale transaction has been completed. With an automated POS system, you can integrate various aspects of your pharmacy and make it easy to keep track of inventory as well as customer services. Pharmacy POS software can be an investment, but it is well worth it if you want to improve productivity and focus on satisfying your customers.

Pharmacy POS software

Tablet Counters

These machines allow you to know exactly how many pills are being dispensed to patients, ensuring that your count is accurate each time. The tech will pour pills into the machine’s funnel at the top, which are counted as they reach the bottom of the machine. Some machines even allow you to scan labels to verify that the medication being dispensed is correct.

You can streamline operations in your pharmacy and make it easier than ever to provide patient services with the least amount of error. Counting scales, tablet counters, and POS systems are a start – there are plenty of other ways you can automate your pharmacy.