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Finding Ways To Deal With Your Emotional Wellbeing

There are times in life when we are just not ourselves.  We tend to look at the world in a negative manner, believe that others are against us and that we just can’t do anything right.  When we begin to feel this way, it is important to start talking to someone.  One place to start is with counseling redmond wa.

When going to counseling you want to be comfortable enough to let your guard down.  Too often than not people will go to counseling sessions and refuse to talk.  The fear of judgment against them hangs strong in the air.  The act of going to counseling is not one of judgment but more of release.  You are entering into an area that will allow you to release your thoughts and your emotions.  It is a place where you can feel free to talk about anything and not be judged.


Journaling is where you can sit in the comfort of your own minds.  Staring at a blank sheet of paper may be intimidating for some, whereas for others it is a blank world where they can release their inner thoughts and emotions.  When journaling, don’t rely on words all the time.  Use drawings, doodles and other forms of communication.  Sometimes when struggling to find the right words thoughts and emotions can be better expressed with an image.

Problem papers

Problem papers are a great way to release your inner issues.  How this works is you write your problems or issues on a small piece of paper and roll it up.  Then, you can either stand in front of a fire and toss the paper into the fire releasing the stress and emotions that are within you, or tie the end of the paper to a balloon and release it into the world to float away.  Either way is good, whichever allows you to release your issues.

counseling redmond wa.

Talking to a counselor is very therapeutic but journaling and problem papers are things anyone can do to start the healing process before embarking on counseling.